Although I feel I'm soft retired at collecting and I'm happy were I am, there are some things I still want that I have been after for years! If you have any of these things and would like to sell them, my contact info is on the homepage. None of the pictures on this page are my own since I don't own these items yet.

Magenta/Pink Gengar Metal Collection Figure

This is the last color I need!

Thinkgeek Gengar Kigurumi

Gengar Pop 'n Battle Pokeball

I definitely feel this is one of Gengar's rarest pieces because I've been looking for this since 2013.

Gengar Pokemon Time Bookmark

Gengar Figure With Yellow Base

Gengar Keychain Figure

Pokemon Pocket Arena Pikachu Vs. Gengar

Gengar Copper Coin

I actually don't know if this exists but I have every other color and most Pokemon appear to have all colors available. I've never seen the copper Gengar.

Eggo Waffles Box With Gengar Design

Idk lol. I would hope it doesn't come with the waffles inside because this is very old.

Pokemon Power Volume 3

Mystery Dungeon DVD - Team Go Getters

Gengar appears in this DVD as a big bully!

Carrot Taniya Gengar Backpack

I gave up getting this crap and it's mostly here for documentation purposes.

Shiny Roselia Kid Figure

Shiny Roselia is one of my favorite Pokemon!

Distortion World Clearfile

These are just pieces that I already own but are not in the best condition and I hope to replace for ones in better condition.

Advance Generation Gengar Plush

This Gengar was only available in New York when the Pokemon Center store was still around. I wish to get one with a tag still available.