I will always try to only use artwork for profile pictures (etc) that I have personally commissioned or that have been gifted to me. This is just a page to credit all the artists, even if the artist didn't do a Gengar commission, so I don't have a bunch of links into my bios for social media sites if I'm using more than 2 artists. I will link to the site they use that has all their other social medias available in case you want to follow them on a site you do use regularly. This page will always be linked into whatever service I'm using at the time to compile all my social media links.

Doggopancake: Kyonshi Ani, Kyonshi Ani dakimakura cover

Rizzy-Rizzy: My OC Velnohs, Multiple Tribal Gengar

Yardsalecouch: Gengar (+pin), Shiny Mega Gengar (+pin), Shiny Darkrai (+pin), alt color Meta Knight (+pin)

Noonvincent: My OC Velnohs and his demon summon Krll

Solarwreathe: Evolved Kyonshi Ani

Salanchu: Tribal Gengar

Nico/Crown: Tribal Gengar (Traditional)

Pikajooo: Gengar face

Digitalclaws: Gengar and Feraligatr Besties Sketches

Fizzy-dog: Shiny Gengar and Shiny Feraligatr Gen 2 Colors Besties

Plustina: Kyonshi Ani alt skin

AhabsArtwork: My OC Velnohs and his demon summon Krll

Puppsicle: Angry Mega Gengar (+shiny) and Angry Darkrai (+shiny)

Dr Lloyd: My OC Elegos